Monday, 18 July 2011

Finding your bridal style


It all starts with, "Will you marry me?" Your bridal style begins to take shape the moment you say, “I will!” Each flip through a magazine breathes more life into your wedding day dreams and you begin to picture yourself walking down the aisle, towards the love of your life. What does the bride in your dreams look like? Who does she resemble? Is she playful, girly, and fun? Elegant, sophisticated, and timeless? Or, maybe she’s edgy, vivacious, and spirited.

Your wedding dress should represent every part of you: your style, your personality, your spirit. The statement you make with your dress will set the mood for the entire day.

Wondering where to begin? We’ve created a fun little quiz to help you start picturing your walk down the aisle. Have fun!

Your ideal first date would be a:

a) rooftop dinner
b) picnic
c) private island getaway
d) classic movie in the park
e) rides at the county fair

Your dream wedding day transportation would be a:

a) white limousine
b) horse-drawn carriage
c) helicopter
d) 1940's Rolls-Royce
e) bicycle for two

Your wedding will most definitely include:

a) hand-calligraphed invitations
b) rose petals & candles
c) Cirque du Soleil-esque performers
d) black & white family photos
e) balloons & cotton candy

The wedding day accessory you can't live without:

a) lace-trimmed veil
b) fur-stole
c) bright blue Louboutins
d) your grandmother's locket
e) converse sneakers

Your maids will be wearing:

Mostly A's (click to reveal your bridal style)
Mostly B's
Mostly C's
Mostly D's
Mostly E's

Mostly A's: You are sophisticated, timeless, and elegant

Your wedding style includes classic details that are stylish in any era. You look to icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Jackie-O, & Princess Diana for cues on elegance & style. Your wedding day will be expertly planned down to the finest detail.

Sophisticated Bride

Sophisticated Bride by bisoubridal featuring jeweled shoes

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Mostly B's: You are romantic, feminine, & delicate

You are a bride who grew up dreaming of her Prince Charming. You appreciate the chivalry of a gentleman offering his coat and you know that romantic gestures mean the most when it comes to feeling loved. You believe in love at first sight and 'Pretty Woman' makes you smile every time you watch it.

Romantic Bride

Romantic Bride by bisoubridal featuring bridal wedding dresses

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Mostly C's: You are comteporary, statement making, and a trend-setter

Your wedding style reflects your passion for fashion and style. Always the one to wear a new style before it becomes the trend, you set yourself apart from the crowd with your sense of style.

Trendsetting Bride

Trendsetting Bride by bisoubridal featuring peep toe heels

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Mostly D's: You are sentimental and love all things vintage; lace, & cameos

You are a bride who beckons to the past. Whether you feel most at home in another era, or simply love exploring ways to incorporate pieces of times gone by; you appreciate those who have lived and loved before you.

Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride by bisoubridal featuring bridal wedding dresses

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Mostly E's: You are playful, girly, and fun-loving

You are a bride looking to live life to its fullest. You laugh, and laugh often - never the one to take life too seriously. Your wedding day will be one big party.

Playful, Girly, Fun Bride

Playful, Girly, Fun Bride by bisoubridal featuring bridal wedding dresses

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